Provident and Pension Funds

Provident and Pension Funds

Meitav's Provident and Pension Funds give clients access to diverse investment risk profiles aimed at tailoring the savings mode to personal needs, age, savings period, changing market conditions and the appropriate risk level. Meitav's clients enjoy professional investment management backed by over 40 years of experience and high quality service.


Meitav Dash Comprehensive Pension

Designed for the employee or self-employed person who is seeking to purchase the right to receive a pension when reaching retirement age, while ensuring insurance coverage in case of handicap, loss of the ability to work, and death while of working age.


Meitav Dash's Pension

Designed for high-salary recipients who feel limited by the amounts that they can deposit in a comprehensive pension fund, and for self-employed persons and employees who have capital savings and seek to convert them into a lifetime pension scheme.