Online Trading

Meitav Trade opens the door to the world’s leading markets by enabling clients to trade directly in a wide range of sophisticated financial instruments, in real time, using advanced trading systems.


Trading on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE)

• Tracks all securities traded on the TASE in real time.
• Easy to use for constructing complex trading strategies.
• Allows trading in financial derivatives (options).


Trading in the United States

• Trading in US Securities, Options and ETF's.
• Trading Futures.
• Trading website and DA (Direct Access) platforms support Hebrew, English and Russian.
Meitav Trade clients enjoy professional online and phone support during all trading hours, in Israel and globally.


We also offer:

• Secured trading systems.
• Professional support from the trading room throughout trading hours in the stock markets of Tel Aviv and New York.
• Exceptionally affordable fees and high interest rate on cash deposits.
• When trading with Meitav Trade you are exempt from Custody fees.


Please contact us for further information.