Local Representation

Meitav Global Markets Ltd. is the leading representative and 3rd party distributor in Israel.

The company provides essential assistance to global managers seeking to raise assets in the Israeli institutional and wholesale market.
We have established business partnerships with a select number of leading international investment firms and we welcome new opportunities to expand our product range both in the public and private fund space.
The company specializes in building and maintaining a strong brand awareness for our clients and their products among all key decision makers locally.

Our investors include:

  • Provident and Pension Funds
  • Insurance companies
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Mutual Funds
  • Banks (Wholesale and Nostro Accounts)
  • Single and Multi Family Offices
  • Corporate Clients
  • High Net Worth Individuals


For further information please contact:

Isaac Kabessa - CEO/Partner 

Tel: +972-3-790-3111 
Cell phone: +972-50-8899102
Email: Itzik.Kabessa@Meitav.co.il